Yianna Waist Training Corset Overview

The Yianna-Women’s Underbust-Latex Corset-Girdle, Hourglass Body-Shaper is one of the most sought-after waist trainers worldwide. There are many Yianna waist trainer reviews, but in this article, we will have a look at the various features, pros, and cons of this world famous slimming garment.

The Yianna-Underbust Waist Trainer has garnered a positive reputation for a reason, and here we look into what sets it apart from other waist trainers on the market. Many celebs have been sporting these underbust corsets, and now any woman can enjoy the quality and comfort of a Yianna waist trainer.


The Yianna-Underbust Waist-Trainer has a wide three hook enclosure which allows for optimum size adjustment. This is a fantastic and well thought-out addition to the Yianna corset because it means the waist trainer won’t come loose with movement. There’s nothing worse and more embarrassing than a waist trainer unhooking itself underneath clothing. The three-layer hook and enclosure means that the garment fits tightly and completely secure.

The waist trainer also comes with a nine spiral steel boned waist cincher, which gives optimum support enabling a better posture. So many women struggle with poor posture and being held upright allows for natural posture. This posture training leads to the appearance of a more hourglass and elegant physique. As the ones are as soft as plastic, there’s no discomfort, and the bones can bend and adjust to movement if necessary. In fact, the Yianna-Underbust Waist-Trainer is so flexible that it can even be used for yoga.

The Yianna Waist Trainer is constructed from 3 layers of fabric. The first layer, the inner, is made with 96% pure cotton and 4% spandex. The mid layer is natural latex, and the outer layer is made of Nylon and Lycra, as well as spandex. The mesh design ensures that the waist trainer allows the skin to breathe, while the cotton lining absorbs the sweat so that sweat does not drip beneath the T-shirt.

The very durable latex is high compression, which gives high resistance to unwanted curvature. The waist training corsets allow an incredible 3-5 inch instant waist reduction when worn. The size guide is perfect for identifying how many inches smaller you would like your waist to appear and which size waist trainer will fit best.

The product is perfect for exercise and working out. The waist trainer heats up the waist area allowing the body to sweat more and burn more calories. The more you heat up, the more you will lose excess water weight. Yianna Underbust is designed to prevent slipping with its non-slip fabric design. The fabric is also soft and flexible meaning that it’s possible to work out safely.

This waist trainer offers excellent support and care to the abdomen and back providing core muscle protection. This is very important as cheap waist trainers that are badly manufactured do not offer the body the support it needs, which can result in unwanted injury. Wearing a cheap waist trainer can result in injured internal organs, bruised or pulled muscles, respiratory issues as well as nerve damage. Therefore, investing in a waist trainer that has been properly designed, such as the Yianna Waist Trainer, ensures that the body is given the support and safety that it needs. A waist trainer such as the Yianna enhances posture while having a positive impact on the body due to the excellent design.

Yianna offers a gentle lift to the under bust, giving a more lifted appearance to the chest, which is perfect for women wanting to achieve an hourglass figure.

This means that when wearing a waist trainer, it is unnecessary to wear a push-up bra, as the waist trainer will offer a natural lift to the bust.

The Yianna corset waist trainer is perfect to be worn post-partum. Many post-partum body care experts have recommended that mothers wear waist trainers to ensure that their bellies can recover shape after giving birth.

Wearing a waist trainer after birth has been proven to significantly reduce the size of the waist by inches, helping the body to bounce back into its former shape.


  • The Yianna Waist Trainer is available in more than 12 different colors and styles. This means you can choose your favourite color or even choose a waist trainer to match your clothing
  • The waist trainer is made from high elastic natural latex. The natural fiber means that the fabric is unlikely to trigger any skin allergies.
  • The covered boning gives added support but is smooth and comfy, perfect to wear for any daily activity, whether it’s running errands or sitting in the office.
  • The waist trainer is suitable for long torsos which is perfect for tall women.
  • The lightweight material means that it will prevent a heat stroke from occurring.
  • Yianna comes in 10 different sizes, XS and S, M and L as well as X.L, 3X.L, 4X.L, 5X.L, 6X.L.


  • If the waist trainer is worn for exercise, it can only be worn once because it will need to be washed from collecting sweat residue. It is an undergarment. For those wishing to wear waist trainers every day, it will be costly to buy several.
  • A waist trainer will never be completely invisible, so people will see when one is being worn. While some women don’t mind this, others do.
  • Only 52% of thousands of consumers rated that the waist trainer fits as expected. The other 48% ordered the wrong size.
  • Weight loss is not guaranteed and sufficient activity to burn calories is still required. This means that women can have unrealistic expectations of what the waist trainer can do aside from giving the appearance of a slimmer waist.

Overall Review:

The Yianna Woman’s-Underbust Latex Sports-Girdle Waist-Trainer is one of the best body shapers on the market today. With thousands of positive reviews, it’s easy to see why so many women make it their first option.

While there are brands that have more costly waist trainers, Yianna waist-trainers have proven that while they are cheaper, there is no compromise on quality. This product by Yianna is an excellent investment for any woman that are serious about having a smaller waist and who needs to see guaranteed results.

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