Top Ten Multi-Tasking Workout Routines Continuation

As what I’ve promise days ago, here are the other half lists of the multi-tasking exercises:

Lateral shoulder raises

Lateral or side raises, help strengthen your shoulders and create the muscle groups on your back. When you elevate the weight load up to shoulder height along with your palms facing down, make sure to maintain your abs tight and your shoulder blades drawn together and down.

Lateral Leg Lifts

This is definitely an incredible way to tone your glutes, focus on the outside thighs and obliques, and enhance balance. You are making stability on one leg while gradually increasing and decreasing the opposite leg out to the side. Be certain that each hips and shoulders are facing in the same direction, maintain your chest open, and try not to swing your leg. Concentrate on slow movements.

Bicycle crunches

Also referred to as “criss-cross”, this ab move works the bottom abs, obliques and aids hamstring versatility. Begin your back with knees bent, feet up. Crunch up and hold. Twist your left shoulder on the way to your right knee while you extend and straighten your left leg. Go back to a neutral position before switching sides. Maintain the legs long, toes pointed, and abs engaged.


Start on the ground on your stomach with your arms getting out in front of you. Very slowly and gradually, contract the abs and lift up your arms, head, and chest off the floor when contracting the glutes and raising your legs several inches off the floor. Concentrate your eyes on the ground, reach your legs and arms long, and hold for around ten seconds. Rest and repeat. Try to imagine your legs and arms reaching towards opposite walls.

Wall squat

Stand against a wall, take your feet several feet away from the wall, and gradually slip down the wall like you are sitting in an imaginary chair. Make certain your knees are not bent past your toes. Support the squat so long as you can and keep the abs involved. This is actually challenging and is effective the whole lower body.